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>> what is the depiction of four
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fiction. american family association claimed that president obama's photoshop in the famous situation room in the raid on bin laden's compound. have a listen fans to the truth. >> i believe if you look at that picture. there is odds that are good that are photoshop. comparred to the size of everybody else in the rom. even the people in the back of the room their heads are bigger than his head. >> time to impeach that kenyan born. >> and should we discuss. >> lightning round. lightning round. >> in the grown rom, you said finally, timely and i am not sure bin laden is really dead.
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and that is insane. he's talking about why it is a foreign policy and that is a disaster. and you are talking about the size of his head and what he is wearing. >> you know? you are a rhino. and you don't believe in this. and you are a rhino. and it is abnormally tiny when compared to the rest of the room. that is science. it is like the movie and they are starring in the picture to see the schooener. and there is a interesting theory and obviously crap. and in a way. it is a great sort of escape kind of plan. any president might do that in case it went south. obviously it is crap. the more you stare at it more you question. it >> what is wrong with it if it
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is true in >> it is for reggie love. i think he wanted to convince everybody how colpresident obama was. >> so you don't need to photoshop. it take it when he walked in and click and he can go play spades. he kind of wasn't there anyway. >> thank you, you are not a rhino. and i haven't solid out like gena did. >> recent gall up poll found that 100 percent of all americans would like you photoshopped out of existence. >> i am not one of them. >> i was hoping to drown the turd part out. >> all of this seems to dance around the fact that osama bin laden is dead. >> and destreet is alive. hoeth will be fine when robbo
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cop. >>ous your future history. >> good point. >> anyway, georgia, that is a state and not a chick i met at a truck stop. toll payments on highway 400 after drivers complained and the goff dpof asked for the change. that is confusing. the tollway authority known, and put in a ban on drivers paying a toll for others. you think i will be nice and pay for that guy behind me. bill does it in bars. booth workers pocketed all $0.50 instead. they stopped banning it. it is an unusual story, terry, have you ever heard of that tradition. >> who doesn't have the easy pass. >> and georgia no offense? and they are, how dare you say
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that about georgia. >> who has change anymore? >> such an elitist. >> no one is going there. >> you sir, haven't been in savannah. >> it is amazing and the girls are nice and very pretty. >> and apparently it was quoit a tradition and you know, and what was happening, the people behind didn't realize they paid and then they pocketed the extra change. >> they are accusing and they are all right. and they didn't realize someone paid in front of them. who steals $0.50. >> it is another indictment of the government. >> no, no. shut it down. i don't know. >> leave it alone, man. >> have you ever done this kind of practice. >> it is kind of romantic.
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>> and that is the pois driving with you? >> i like to keep them at a distance. >> people you know is different. >> but the guy behind me it is a look. and this is for me and the guy behind. >> he can't figure out why the people are kind? >> we are really bad people. >> i think i have done it a couple of times just for fun to so what would happen. i was not in the car. i was in the highway. >> you were throwing change. >> it was not change but human filth. >> and bill, you were a toll collector people would throw the money down your throat hoping you would choke. >> why, i am just sitting there ad a georgia collector and why are you throwing change at me? >> maybe because you look like a toll collecting machine with that mouth. >> in order to make that
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accurate say it in a georgia accent. >> you look like a bowl of crap. >> everyone is a back ward hick in georgia? >> i did a impression of ned boaty. >> sounded like someone in georgia with a head injure. >> we love you, georgia. >> i went to george combra and i loved every single minute of it and planning on go back soon if they will let me. and we'll have more stuff when we come back. amazon.comand get on the graved copy. and get it for god's sake. covers spots and lines instantly as you correct skin tone over time. goodbye, spots, hello, beautiful. cc creams from covergirl + olay. get 'em on the spot.
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>> to those in the know prefer veneo. and according to a gall up
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survey the percapita consumption of beer within down since 1992. the young people, that's right. they don't care if miller lite is less filling and tastes great. americans are ordering bolts of woin at record rate. why is usa ordering them. we is not our correspondent out to investigate. here's hoping he gets trampled. >> beer consumption is down and woin and liquor consumption is up. why am i at a beech bar? why midtown. it stuck. >> easy on the woin. bore sales are down. woin and liquor sales are up. what do you think that? >> it is whack. >> is that hip talk for good or bad. >> i just like it. >> what does it say about america and the economy and the world? . well said.
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no idea. >> and that seems to be universal thought in the beach bar. we have a lot of drinks and we don't care what you are saying. and that is every now and then. you are skin and bones. >> and i am drinking it all of the time. we love you. >> and we learned a lot and a side order. >> no, thanks. >> judging from your hat you like america. what does this is a about america. >> times are changing. budweiser is not made in america no more. >> david bouy said it is time to rearrange. >> and that was the brady kids.
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>> that was before my time. available on any coloadian. >> bore before liquor and never thicker. >> sex is quicker. >> you know what budweiser stands for. >> no. >> because you deserve what every individual should enjoy regularly. and you know what makes me regular bud wiser. >> bore sales are down and woin and liquor sales are up. what does that say about obama's america? >> i guess they want to drink beer. >> you prefer beer, why is that? >> i am a fan of beer and not a woin. my mom is a winnow. >> i had a couple of drinks with her last night. >> i just got here. i was in up in sarahing toa and in the mohegan sun. >> you have way too much
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manager. he is pure electricity. >> no one here cares what you are drinking as long as you are buzzed. i will go get myself a tom collins. how are you buddy, we'll g. if you excuse me. i will get a rob roy. and mr. roy. >> i will get myself a shirrley temple action. mrs. temple. letty get out of here. >> that is absolutely one of the worst. that he's done. and since the drunk people have less interest in the story and you. couldn't you find better subjects? >> the reason they didn't care. and the reason they had little interest in the story is because they were drunk. >> that was it. >> yeah. >> i kept thinking of the young fellow that worked with the
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o'rielly factor. >> jesse walter. >> he would have spent more time and been ten times worse. >> of course. but not really. >> you know what, it would be more professional, hotter subject and his collar would be up. >> let me she you what it would have looked like. and then a lot of movie clips. >> how dare you attack him? >> it is tough love. i think you did it to expense a weekend in rock away. what is wrong with? do i have a couple of hypodermic needles in my but the. that's the price you pay. >> to get the story. >> exactly, hepatitis will not get itself. >> i want to apologize to america for the last seven
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years. you know what today is, our 15 hundredth show. >> i am told this doesn't count. >> yes, it is 1500 today. now, you have a comment on the show like why? got a video and go to fox nows.comand click on and submit the video we might use. it coming up the report from tucker carlson. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-upper.
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test test dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly i as planned.. really?
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going back for the post game report, tucker? shows it'su, congratulations unbelievable. >> it is. >> it's impressive. >> it's not a joke. it's a great show. you deserve it. >> thanks. >> yeah. >> now, you just described the jc penny ad as quote stupid marketing but isn't praying on social insecurities the key to all successful market something you know moms are going get upset about this, you know there is going to be outrage. won't be best to just avoid this thing? >> no. they're little robots. their kids goring to be bullied so they buy the clothes?
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>> that is not going to happen. they had protests now had to apologize. it's noft working. >> speaking of protests terry, jc penny didn't cause bullying did it? trying to prevent bullying getting kids not to buy dorky clothes. isn't jc penny doing more to prevent bullying than any antibullying group? >> good point, tucker as a matter of fact they're doing a public service. keeping kids from looking like a dork. >> thanks, jc penny. >> thank you. >> the very name jc penny strike meez mr. peny probably got beat up a lot. >> i think jc penny was a woman. i've been told stuff can make or break your year that. is true and truth is a defense no,? >> yes. yes. >> suffering truth. >> yes. >> you assume people want to
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hear the truth? >> i never assumed that. but i know they respond deepest insecurities. so, terry you said fillner likes to quote hit on everyone what. is the difference between hitting on someone and sexually harassing someone? >> i think with fillner it's probably old school cigar in the mouth hay, toots let's go back behind the curtain what. is the question again? >> what is the difference between hitting on a woman and sexually harsasing her? >> probably nudging. >> very good. >> yes. the thing is that he was -- do you know what it is? creepiness. >> it is you put a girl in a head lock? bizarreo things. here is a question. if, george clooney said something like i wonder if i can go eight hours blah bla. would you be creeped out? >> yes. >> you would? >> yes. >> there goes my theory. >> you said... >> i love clooney. >> who wants to have sex eight
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snours did i note a touch of defensiveness there? >> you did. >> i'll give you the definition of sexual harassment versus charming hitting on. saying you're going to put a charming roofy in a girl's guiness is delightful. >> she just responded as they do. >> and saying it's impressive to be a 67-year-old great grandmother. impressive snou. >> four generations had to have, or three generations right? making her a great, great grand snorj. >> had to have gotten started young. we're doing math in the green room. just putting it out there that she's a pretty young great grandmother. impressive. do you think it's possible he was trying to make her feel better about herself? >> that is terrible. >> irjs okay, i'll stop. bill, i'm quoting you when you say kids suck.
8:54 pm
what do your ill legitimate daughters think when you say sna. >> where do you think i did my research? i don't know where the brats are right now. if you're watching i assume it's past your bed time, i su. i don't remember how old ru now that, black and white dwarf video you played?. >> little snern. >> yes that. will haunt my dreams and uncalled for. >> yes. one of my old roommates when i toured with the circus. those were great times and unfortunately he didn't make it. >> now, jedadiah you said you don't hi bin laden is actually dead? >> in. i do think he's dead. that is greg. >> we have the tape. you don't need to walk it back. you said you don't think he's dead. what about john lennon?
8:55 pm
jimmy hoffa? >> i held this conservative accountable and i don't get credit. >> terry you sid obama was there but not really there. >> yes. >> that is like a meta physical thing. what does that mean? >> well if you're going to get techal on me here is the thing he was there because he's the president but playing spades so he wasn't. so if he wasn't there mentally, and going for this, part of the plan he wasn't there. >> so he wasn't. just wasn't all there. >> i don't think he was all there. i don't think he was all there. >> i'm never all there. >> that is how we move through life. when you're president you should be engaged. >> now, jedadiah you said the practice in georgia of people paying tolls for one another you describe td it as quote, romantic. would you ever date a toll collector snr. >> i haven't but i would be open to it. if he's romantic like noahs
8:56 pm
being in the notebook i don't care what he did for a living. >> if he came home stinking of carbon monoxide it won't bother you?. >> if he's paying for dinner in quarters? i love it. >> tucker why would you ask me that question? >> because i know your stand on that, greg which sf course you would. >> yes. i have dated a toll collecter oof course you have. >> bill, you said i'm quoting everyone in georgia is a backwards hick. can you squeal like a pig? >> i condemned greg for making it sound like they were. >> can you squeal like a pig? >> first of all that babe gee one of our finest character actors and that happened to be his hottest role. >> it's a question you may have to answer soon. >> i do believe i'm getting dangerous just thinking about
8:57 pm
it. >> back to you, greg. >> thank you, tucker v a lovely rest of the weekend. pleasant sunday to everybody. nice, nice, that does it for me, i'm greg gutfeld. happy 1500. s from covergirl + o. s from covergirl + o. covers spots and lines instantly as you correct skin tone over time. goodbye, spots, hello, beautiful. cc creams from covergirl + olay. get 'em on the spot.
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why would you give the criminals an advantage over an unarmed citizenry? get out of your elitist egg head tower. put on your big boy pants. >> it's fundamental contract law. every first year law student knows it. something must be given for something in return. it's call consideration. example. you have a house for sale. i give

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